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Construction Professionals
Specializing in New and Remodeling Projects

ARTEC Construction Corp.

is a full service contracting business, EPA-HUD certified, specializing in new construction, home improvements, additions, alterations and renovation of residential and commercial real estate and Apt building maintenance.

The primary responsibility of the company is to deliver a high quality of satisfaction and promote a large assortment of construction alternatives to suit your needs and budget, be it investment, casual living or business.

Our goal at Artec Construction Corp. is to be " Problem Solvers" for residential and commercial construction. Delivering quality and satisfaction, while giving the client added peace of mind, is all part of our business.

We are fully Insured and fully license Technicians on all Five Boroughs, NYC, Westchester, Yonkers, Nassau County and now Florida, through our partnership with L&D Interior Designs, linking our New York / Florida customers.